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Product Name Technology Rate Setup   Total  
  Provider DL / UL   Options (once)   (per month)  
DSL start ADSL Time 0.00   0.00   DSL start from myWEBHOST info
  myWEBHOST 300 / 100   Subscribe to DSL start from myWEBHOST
DSL mini ADSL Flatrate 0.00   34.00   DSL mini from myWEBHOST info
  myWEBHOST 1000 / 100   Subscribe to DSL mini from myWEBHOST
DSL standard ADSL Flatrate 0.00   49.00   DSL standard from myWEBHOST info
  myWEBHOST 5000 / 500   Subscribe to DSL standard from myWEBHOST
DSL infinity VDSL Flatrate 0.00   69.00   DSL infinity from myWEBHOST info
  myWEBHOST 20000 / 1000   Subscribe to DSL infinity from myWEBHOST

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